Preharvest Water

Agricultural water used to grow fresh produce can carry and distribute human pathogens. Preharvest water (surface water) is more likely to be contaminated by human and animal fecal material than ground water because it is open to the environment. Water distribution systems are also of concern, because these systems distribute water throughout the farm and can become contaminated if pipes, backflow devices, or other pieces of the distribution system are not in good condition and functioning properly. The University of Tennessee in conjunction with Cornell University and the University of Minnesota created decision trees to help growers assess the risks on their farm, as well as food safety template language, record-keeping logs and sample SOPs that you can download and tailor to your needs.

Preharvest Water (Agricultural Water for Production) Full Portfolio

Preharvest Water (Agricultural Water for Production) Decision Tree

Preharvest Water (Agricultural Water for Production) Example SOP

Preharvest Water (Agricultural Water for Production) Logsheets

Map of Tennessee Water Quality Testing Lab Locations

Bridging the GAPs: Approaches for Treating Water On-farm