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The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
vegetable production

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Crop Budgets and Prices

Alabama Vegetable Budgets

Florida Vegetable Budgets

Georgia Vegetable Budgets

KY Commercial Vegetable Budgets and Decision Aids

Mississippi State University, Budget for green house tomatoes

North Carolina Fruit and Vegetable Crop Budgets

South Carolina Vegetable and Melon Budgets

TAMU Horticultural Business Information Network

UC Small Farm Program- A Market Driven Enterprise Screening Guide


Disease ID and Control

2015 UT Commercial Vegetable Disease Control Guide (W141)

Cornell University Vegetable MD Online

NCSU Vegetable and Herbs Disease Information Notes

Penn State Vegetable Disease Identification

The Ohio State University Tomato Disease Factsheets

Watermelon Spray Guide for 2016


Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Crop Production Training Course Offered Online

Mississippi State University Greenhouse Tomato Handbook

UT Controlling the Environment in Greenhouses Used for Tomato Production (W017)

UT Insect & Mite Management in Greenhouses (PB1594)

UT Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers for Greenhouse Production (PB1616)

UT Irrigation Water Quality for Greenhouse Production (PB1617)

UT Growing Media for Greenhouse Production (PB1618)

Tennessee's Protected Agriculture Program


High Tunnels

Crop Tunnels and Plastic Mulch


Insect ID and Control

University of Florida Vegetable Insect Pests

PennState Pest Management Website

Texas IPM Vegetable Insect Management

NCSU Insect Pests of Vegetables



NCSU Vegetable Crop Irrigation

Washington State University Drought Advisory Vegetable Crops

Penn State Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production


Other Useful TN Sites

Center for Profitable Agriculture

East TN Research and Education Center

Pick Tennessee Produce

UT Organic and Sustainable Crop Production Program

UT Extension

UT AgResearch

UT College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Tennessee Farm Fresh

Tennessee's Protected Agriculture Program


Postharvest Handling/Storage

ATTRA Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables

NCSU Postharvest Handling of Horticultural Crops

UC Davis Produce Facts

UC Postharvest Handling for Organic Crops


Production Information

2016 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook

In-Ground Greenhouse Tomato Production

Spring 2011 Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Variety Trials Bulletin

Tomato Disease & Insect Control Manual

Tomato Growers Information Portal

UT Commercial Tomato Production (PB737)

UT Commercial Snapbean Production (PB897)

UT Producing Canataloupes in Tennessee (PB962)


Weed ID and Control

UT Hortweeds

UT Weed ID Guide

Virginia Tech Weed ID Guide

University of Missouri Weed ID Guide

UT Accent Herbicide for Weed Control in Sweet Corn

University of Flordia Weed Management in Florida Fruits and Vegetables

***NOTE: Always read the label to ensure the herbicide is labelled for Tennessee and the crop you are going to treat.